Best Materials for Medical Uniforms in the USA: Which One To Choose?

In the medical field, even the clothes you choose to wear can influence your quality of service. Scrubs are considered the universal uniform for medical staff and these come in different material blends. However, here the question is how to know which material is the most suitable for you: Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, or Spandex. As medical uniforms in the USA come in diffrent types of fabrics, let’s take a closer look at each material and when they are best suited.

Cotton Scrubs

When it comes to scrubs, cotton is a popular choice since it is absorbent, soft, and highly breathable. Therefore, these are perfect for working in warmer climates and for workers spending a lot of time running around the hospital. There are various types of cotton fabric with different levels of quality. For scrubs, you are advised to look for durable cotton that will withstand repeated wash and wear.

Polyester Scrubs 

Polyester is another popular fabric choice for scrubs. It’s highly durable and easy to take care of. Polyester scrubs also tend to be wrinkle-resistant unlike those made of cotton. They come with a bit more structure than cotton, which is great especially if you are looking for scrubs with a crispier appearance. Polyester is also known to be hydrophobic which means it is not as absorbent as cotton. This fiber repels water and this quality makes polyester a better choice for people working with bodily fluids as well as contagious diseases.

Rayon Scrubs

Rayon which is a synthetic fibre made from cellulose, is lightweight and highly absorbent as well. That is why it makes ideal medical uniforms in the USA for summertime. Rayon is hypoallergenic, unlike some natural fibers which makes it a more versatile option than cotton. Moreover, it is cheaper than cotton while maintaining equal breathability and absorbency. 

Spandex Scrubs

Spandex is a top option if you are looking for a comfortable scrub that will save you on your hectic days. Spandex is a synthetic fabric popular for its stretch and flexibility. Scrubs made from this material are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy enough to give you ultimate comfort. If you are looking for a scrub that will give you maximum flexibility, this fabric is what you seek. Spandex is hypoallergenic as well.

Make sure you thoroughly research before you decide to spend money on uncomfortable medical uniforms in the USA. Before buying one, consider what your work day is like,  how strenuous your tasks are, do you need to move around a lot, the climate, the cleaning requirements of the fabric as well as other factors such as design, shape, and of course, price.

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